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Kevin Siemsen was born in Cedar Rapids, IA January 3, 1954, but his parents actually lived in Bennett, IA an hour away. Desiree was born in Oklahoma (I won't mention the year). Kevin and Desiree met by chance at Hartwell Reservoir on the Georgia/South Carolina border. He was 18 and she was 16. They wrote letter back andforth for several months. He visited her in Charlotte, NC, where she now lived. Soon their love grew to the point where Kevin proposed, and Desiree accepted. They were married on August 21, 1976. They moved around the Midwest for a few years, then settled back in Cedar Rapids, where Angela was born in 1984. The family moved from Iowa to Ohio, back to Iowa, then to Tennessee.

In 2002, Kevin and Desiree went their separate ways. They each met someone new. July 12, 2003, Kevin and Pam got married in Tullahoma. They moved to New Bern, NC in March 2004, then to Marshalltown, IA in May 2005 where they still live. Desiree met Ron Porter, a gentleman from New York, playing cards online. When Desiree's mother passed away in October 2005, she renewed this friendship, which blossomed into a new relationship. They are living in Tullahoma together.