David and Carolyn Cahill
    - Tullahoma, TN

Walter (deceased) and Gertrude (deceased) Cahill
    - Gainesville, FL
Howard (deceased) and Lois (deceased) Ramagli
    - Miami, FL

Nell Cahill (living)
    - Gainesville, FL (married Walter in 1989)
Tullahoma High School
    - Graduated in 2001
The University of Memphis
    - B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
      w/ a minor in Mathematical Sciences (Dec. 2005)

The University of Tennessee Space Institute
    - M.S. in Engineering Management (2015...ish)

Jacobs Engineering / Sverdrup Technology Group
    - Engineering Associate III (May. 2002 - Aug. 2005)
    - Mechanical Engineer (Jan. 2006 - Present)
Fed Ex Institute of Technology at The University of Memphis
    - Technical (Audio Visual) Analyst (Oct. 2003 - Dec. 2005)

Sean was born in Tullahoma, TN on December 8th 1982, at Harton Hospital. I've lived in Tullahoma for my entire life. I went to First Presbyterian Church for Preschool and attended Highland Baptist for kindergarten. I then went to the Coffee County School system for Grade school where I attended Jones Elementary thru the sixth grade. For seventh thru twelfth grade, I changed to the Tullahoma School System and Graduated from Tullahoma High School in 2001. I was christened as a baby at First Presbyterian although my family later changed church to First Christian Church just down the street; it was here that I met Angela. That was in January of 1994 and after that point Angela and I became good friends, although our first date didn't happen until 2002 more than 8 years later, and THAT was in my sophomore year of college.

I am extremely competitive, and as you could probably guess, consequently, I love to play sports. When I was in grade school, I played soccer, golf, baseball, basketball, and I ran track. At THS, I am tied for the second most varsity letters by any student with 11. These came in track (4), golf (4), cross country (1), and tennis (2). At The University of Memphis, I ran track for two years but had to drop out during the second year due to recurring injuries.

I graduated from the Univesity of Memphis in December of 2005 ranked highly in my class, with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. About one month later I was hired by Sverdrup Technology , Inc. in Tullahoma. About one month after that, after a return flight from England, I propose to Angela (in the dorkiest way possible, it was terrible); but she said yes so apparently I got the job done.

We recently bought our first house and we will be starting life on our own soon, although family in still just around the corner (literally).