Kevin and Desiree Siemsen (divorced)
    - Tullahoma, TN (Desiree)
    - Marshalltown, IA (Kevin)

Pam (Morris) Siemsen
    - Married to Kevin in 2003

Ron Porter

Rex Fordice Jr. (deceased) and Dolores Altman (deceased)(divorced)
    - Oklahoma
Harlen (deceased) and Norma (living) Siemsen
    - Bennett, IA

Ralph Altman (decreased)
    - Married Dolores in 1977
    - Rock Hill, SC
Wilma (Grindle, Hartman) Fordice
    - Married Rex in 1967
    - Terre Haute, IN

Tullahoma High School
    - Graduated in 2003
University of Memphis
    - B.A. in Psychology (December 2006)
Middle Tennessee State University
    - Master's of Education in School Counseling (May 2010)

D. W. Wilson Community Center
    - Joel Ferrell Pool - Lifeguard

I was born at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA, on November 26, 1984. We lived there for about 2 years before Dad switched companies to work for Whirlpool in Dayton, OH. We stayed there for about 3 years until Dad decided to go back to work for Amana in Iowa. I started kindergarten in Cedar Rapids and remained there through the middle of third grade. That was when my life was forever changed! Dad got transferred to Fayetteville, TN, and we moved to Tullahoma. Mom and I were looking for a church to tryout, and we saw that First Christian Church had a very pretty courtyard. So we decided to go there on Sunday. And that is when I met Sean. They were practicing for a children’s choir play in the sanctuary. We didn’t become good friends for a few more years when I went in to middle school. After that, Sean, Stephen, and I were the three musketeers. All through high school, we would cram ourselves into Sean’s manual transmission truck cab to go to lunch after church. But soon, Sean became my best guy friend, and I started to see him in a different light. The summer before my senior, my boyfriend broke up with me, so I was free to date other people. Sean took the chance and asked me to go to the movies. After the movies, we went back to Sean’s and watched TV. Then, as we were on our way to my house, I had a really bad car wreck. I’m so glad he was there to help me out of my car and hold me while I cried hysterically. At the end of August, Sean went back to school in Memphis, and I stayed in Tullahoma. After I got my new car, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision one weekend, while Mom and Dad were both out of town, to drive to Memphis to see Sean. This marked the beginning of our romance. We decided to date each other even though he was 4 hours away. We saw each other at least once a month, and we talked on the phone EVERY night. He encouraged me to apply to The University of Memphis, and I got in. Then he helped me get my scholarship enhanced so that I had a full ride. It was great being in Memphis with Sean every day for two and a half years. Then we had to do the long distance thing again because he graduated. It was hard! Sean went to England for work, but we still managed to talk every day. Then when he came home, I picked him up from the airport. We went to eat at Applebee’s in Nashville, and, while holding my hands across the table, Sean asked, “Do you think we could upgrade our relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé(e)?” This made me smile the biggest I’d ever smiled (partly from the way he phrased it, because it is so him, but mostly because he’d just made me the future Mrs. Cahill). And that pretty much covers it. I graduate in December, and I can’t wait to come home and start my new life with Sean!